How to Make A Modern DIY Wooden Chair

Modern wooden chairs can be beautiful, especially if they are handcrafted. You can take a little more time to source the materials you need and then use the Fiskars(r), DIY Precision Tools to put it all together. This project can be used to create a beautiful addition to your living space or a chair for your outdoor patio.

Use of tools
  • Precision Hand Saw (7 in.
  • Precision hand drill
  • Precision screwdriver
  • Tape Measure (16 ft.

Functional, sleek furniture is back in fashion, as are handcrafted pieces. It can seem not easy to make a wooden chair from scratch, but it is possible! You can start with the right materials and tools, and you will soon be able to create a project that will last.

Materials required for this wooden chair project.

  • Planks of wood 14 inches in width can be cut to the listed lengths. Ask your hardware store to pre-cut the wood to these dimensions.
  • Sit back – 2ft
  • Back leg/seat – 3ft
  • Lower seat – 1ft
  • Bottom leg panel – 9″
  • 16ft of 1″x2″ planks
  • Wood screws 10 x 2 inches
  • Clear structural wood glue
  • Workbench
  • Clamps
  • Sanding block

How to Make a Modern DIY Wooden Chair

1. The 1″ x 2-inch rails should be cut. You can then use the saw to cut four 1″x2″ planks, each 40 inches long. To remove any rough edges and to create a smooth edge and the ends of the wood.

2. Drill holes in the seatback, bottom leg panel and side rails. Place the bottom leg panel on the side rail, leaving a gap of 1 inch at the base of the seatback. Attach the bottom leg panel and the seatback to the side rail. Drill pilot holes with the hand drill through the side rail, the seatback, and the bottom leg panel. Pilot holes are important to avoid splitting during step 3.

3. Attach the side rail to the bottom leg panel and seatback using the clamps. Use the screwdriver to attach the side rail to your seat back and bottom leg panels.

4. Attach the side rail to the opposite side of your seat back and bottom legs panel.

5. Finish side rails can be glued to the seat back or bottom leg panel. Glueing them will hide the screws and provide extra support and stability.

6. Measure the distance between the back and side rails of the chair by removing the cross brace. This measurement should be cut 1″ x 2. Add glue to the back of your chair to cover the 1″ opening. This will stabilize the chair and provide additional support.

7. The 1ft lower panel of the seat should be glued to the back leg/seat. Place the lower seat panel.

8. Allow drying.

9. Once you have cut the chair feet, you can now make the chair legs. Depending on where you want the chair to be placed, cut the bottom with the saw straight. This will create a solid base to support the two pieces.

10. Stain. Please choose a colour that suits your style and let it dry completely.

11. Finish the wooden chair.

What is the Cost of this Wooden Chair Project?

This project is amazing, considering how much it costs to make a wooden chair. My materials cost me $50, but I would have paid at least twice that amount if I had bought it pre-made.

How to style your modern wooden chair

After your wooden chair is made, you have the freedom to style it in any way you want. This chair can be used outdoors with a blanket and pillow draped on its side. It is also great for indoor use in my living room. To tie the fabric and colours together, I made a matching pillow when I added the piece to my living room. I attached it to the wooden chair to give it a little more comfort. Then, I propped it next to a table to make the perfect reading spot.

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